This is the list of all the scripts Luca wrote.

He also wrote 9 novels

and he has +20 subjects he's working on.

Year TITLE (Language) format
2018 HOW I BROKE THE FOURTH WALL (English/Italian) feature film
2018 BONSAI (English) feature film
2018 6 MEGLIO DI ME (Italian) feature film
2017 BONSAI (Italian) feature film
2017 ROOM MATES SEASON 1 (Italian) web series (8 episodes)
2017 ESPINOZA (Italian/English) feature film
2017 BAD LOVE (Italian) feature film (with Luca Aloia)
2017 SURVIVAL SEASON 2 (Italian) web series (8 episodes)
2016 SURVIVAL SEASON 1 (Italian) web series (9 episodes)
2015 XINSHENG (Italian) short movie
2015 TRAPPED (Italian) feature film
2015 ALMOST SISTERS (Italian) feature film
2014 THE THERAPIST (Italian/English) feature film
2014 THE LEVINSON EXPERIMENT (Italian/English) feature film
2014 DOPPIO ZERO (Italian) short movie
2014 TENEBRA SEASON 1 (Italian) tv series (4 episodes)
2013 THE MADHOUSE (Mute) short movie
2013 JULIET (Mute) short movie
2013 PUZZLE SEASON 2 (Italian) web series (3 episodes)
2012 PUZZLE SEASON 1 (Italian) web series (10 episodes)
2011 IN AN ISTANT (Italian) feature film
2011 PAGES OF REGRET (Italian) short movie
2011 THE MAN OF SUNDAY AFTERNOON (Italian) short movie
2011 NO NAME (Italian) short movie
2010 THE MAN ON THE CHAIR (English) feature film
2009 SEVEN DAMNED DAYS (Italian) feature film